Ocean Opportunities

Working to increase diversity in ocean higher education

Ocean Sciences: Dive in!

Ocean of Opportunities is a partnership between science, math, and engineering faculty at minority-serving institutions and graduate program administrators to recruit students for ocean science and engineering graduate programs. The partnership is dedicated to promoting the development and training of a diverse and thriving ocean sciences workforce.  

Ocean scientists are working to:


Understand the Ocean

  • What is the role of the ocean in the climate system?
  • Will organisms adapt to changing ocean chemistry caused by climate change?  
  • How can we better manage ecosystems and fisheries?
  • What are the long-term implications of oil and gas extraction?

Seek Cures from the Ocean

  • Which chemical compounds made by sponges and other marine life are effective against cancer?
  • Can the effective compounds be synthesized?
  • How can algae and microbes improve medical treatments?

Energize the World

  • Can the energy of ocean waves and winds be effectively harnessed?
  • Can this green energy help satisfy world energy demands?

Push Boundaries

  • The ocean is largely unexplored, are you curious to discover what mysteries are out there?
  • How can robotics and technology improve our understanding of the ocean?

A career in ocean science requires interdisciplinary and creative ways of thinking.  We invite you to use this web site as a first step in considering and preparing for a career in ocean science.